What is Assisted Living Like For Seniors?

This is not your typical assisted living community.

Gone are the days when older adults sat around playing bingo all the time. Today’s assisted living presents a dynamic environment that offers both safety and independence.

Assisted living care means much more than a new apartment or a different address. It means the essence of a community, a peaceful environment and a sense of relief that your loved one is being cared for with dignity and respect.

But many people do not realize what is involved in assisted living care or senior living communities. So we’ve compiled a useful guide to help you understand what assisted living is, how it helps residents and why Coastal Pointe offers a unique perspective on assisted living communities.

What Is Assisted Living?

Suppose your mother is able to live independently, but she needs help with bathing or getting dressed in the morning. You know she doesn’t belong in a skilled nursing facility, but you’re worried that she’s unable to be by herself.

Assisted living communities, also called senior living communities, are the perfect answer.

This kind of community is where older adults have their own space and the ability to participate in several activities and events. However, they are also assisted with tasks of daily living that they are no longer able to do by themselves.

What Is Involved in Assisted Living Care?

Primarily, assisted living care concentrates on the health and safety of the residents. In fact, it centers around three basic areas: medical care, living assistance and extracurricular activities.

Medical Care

Those in assisted living do not need 24/7 nursing care like those in a skilled nursing facility. However, residents do have access to health care services through the team at Coastal Pointe.

We can help the one you love with medication management and work with their doctor to help ensure that they are following through with the recommended treatment.

If for some reason, there is a medical emergency, your loved one is surrounded by professionals who can call for an ambulance and make sure your parent or grandparent is safe in the meantime.

Living Assistance

Many of our assisted living residents have difficulty with day-to-day activities such as getting dressed or bathing. However, other than these tasks, they are perfectly fine to live an independent lifestyle.

We’re glad to help residents with these activities of daily living so they can concentrate on living their best for this next chapter in their lives.

Another advantage of living assistance is that it takes the headache out of tasks such as laundry and maintenance. At Coastal Pointe, we take care of these tasks for our residents.

Extracurricular Activities

Today’s assisted living facilities offer a wide variety of events to keep residents active. Whether this is through age-appropriate exercises, music appreciation, crafts or religious services, there is always something happening at Coastal Pointe!

We also offer shopping excursions and outings, and we even provide transportation.

Memory Care

Coastal Pointe also offers Memory Care, which provides a safe environment for those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Our staff has received specialized training to help them better serve members of this population.

We understand that Alzheimer’s and dementia have a devastating effect on the entire family. That’s why we are happy to step in so you can move from the role of caregiver to that of son or daughter.

What Makes Coastal Pointe Different?

We have embraced a Main Street concept that makes our residents feel like they are at home. We don’t merely give them a room—they have an address. Our stunning décor replicates a small town, USA, complete with a coffee shop, sit-in dining rooms, aerobics classes, a beauty parlor and even a movie theater where residents can catch the latest classic.

Of course, we realize that quality care is much more than mere decoration. Our Main Street concept reflects the heart of who we are. We create a sense of family for our residents because, in many ways, they are like family to us.

We consider it a privilege to care for those who cared for you. That’s why we offer an environment that is both stimulating and safe.

Want to learn more about Brunswick County’s newest assisted living homes? Contact us today because our spaces fill quickly. We’d love to have a chance to talk with you.